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About J3DWorkbench

J3DWorkbench is a runtime framework and desktop application for building and delivering interactive, 3D visualizations and simulations. Based on Eclipse RCP & Java 3D, J3DWB is a powerful tool, allowing you to create or import 3D objects and scenes in a variety of formats, animate them, adding effects and behaviors. Included are collision physics, motion interpolators, keystroke triggers, and basic procedural texture generation. Download for your platform now!

V3.6 is Here! Take it for a spin...

Release of J3DWorkbench V3.6

Get it on Sourceforge.

J3DWorkbench, V3.2.0 released

J3DWorkbench Release

Version 3.2 is a milestone release, including significant code rework and refactoring at all levels. It incorporates bug fixes to Java 3D subsequent to 1.5.2.

J3DWorkbench V3.1.0 is here, with MacOS X support & simple collision physics

J3DWorkbench V3.1.0 is available on Sourceforge

Version 3.1.0 of J3DWorkbench has been released, representing another important milestone in stablity and functionality. In addition, the MacOS X version (Carbon) has now been tested, thanks to VirtualBox by Oracle (Sun).

J3DWorkbench project presentation

The attached presentation describes the design and vision of the J3DWorkbench project.

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